Conversion of Angulimala

Conversion of Angulimala

Conversion of Angulimala, the Robber
Book II, Part VIII, The Buddha & His Dhamma, Bodhisatatta Babasaheb.

Artist – Priyanka, Rainbow Creations

We are glad that our Monthly Purnima Dhamma-Charcha is one of the reasons that lead Priyanka to create this Art.

She says “What would have happened if Babasaheb had delivered speech at conference of Jat pat todak mandal- The Annihilation of caste. The way Buddha convinced Angulimal to give up all his evils and follow Dhamma, Could Babasaheb be able to persuade the crowd to give up all caste system at conference ? He was also Bodhisattva?

I really wonder what was that strength with which Buddha converted Angulimal. Can’t we get that strength to divert minds of many to righteousness? 🤔”

Thank you Priyanka for sharing this powerful Art with us

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