Announcing the Educational Fancy Dress Competition- Samata Rath 2021

Announcing the Educational Fancy Dress Competition- Samata Rath 2021


Main Attraction – Educational Fancy Dress Competition.

In our attempt to carry forward the caravan of Education, Organisation and Agitation set in motion by Babasaheb, we are celebrating the 65th Dhammachakka Pavattan Day creatively. In tandem with last year’s celebration, we are happy to announce our online mega festival- SAMATA RATH 2021.

This year, the main attraction is the Educational Fancy Dress Competition

It is ‘Educational’ because the purpose of the competition is to create and amplify the Ambedkarite cultural consciousness. As we have been emphasising that popular education can be often inadequate and even dangerous, it is urgent to draw our attention towards the Samyak Education based on the Eightfold Path

So, while having this fancy dress competition, we want to highlight the important figures/characters in the rich Buddhist culture who have followed and propagated the noble eightfold path. We wish to connect everyone with the roots of our valuable, progressive and revolutionary culture.

Here are few important points to note about Baudhkaro’s Educational Fancy Dress Competition.


The competition is open for children up to the age of 15 years (of any nationality).


  1. For participating in the competition, the participants should make a video of their performance (with autobiographical narration in English/Hindi/Marathi. For other languages, including sign language, please send a translated transcript also.)
  2. The name of the character, the name of the participant, family members’ names (if appearing in video) and contact number should be mentioned separately in a message accompanying the submission.
  3. The video should be less than 3 minutes.
  4. The video should be sent via WhatsApp on these numbers- 9112327331 or 7499717403-or to the Email
  5. Submission will start on 1st October 2021 and the last date of Submission is 10th October 2021.
  6. We will start posting the videos on our social media channels within 2 days of submission.


  1. The character portrayed must be from Buddhist heritage/tradition/folklore. Some examples are- Bhantes and famous Upasakas of Buddha’s time like Ananda, Sariputta,  Nagarjuna, Sujata, Moggallana,  Upali, Khema, Uppalavanna, Gotami, Pasenadi, Mallika, Bimbisara, Visakha etc.; characters around Emperor Asoka’s time like Mahamoggallana, Devi, Sanghamitra, Mahinda, Devanampiya Tissa etc.; and other important Buddhist figures like Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Savita Ambedkar, Bhante Chandramani, Angarika Dharmapala, Xuanzang, Faxian, Nagasen etc. Participants are encouraged to find more unique and less-discussed personalities.
  2. The chances of winning will be more if the character is rarer and the research is well done. The aim is to educate and spread knowledge.
  3. Marks will also be given on the presentation, explanation, dress-up, make-up and background or home decoration.
  4. It will be an added bonus if other family members make an appearance at the end of the video to wish the audience. Considering the festive nature of the competition, we expect full participation of family in the education, organisation and celebration of Dhammachakka Pavattan Day.


  1. There will be total 5 prizes- 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2 consolation prizes. 
  2. The best 5 performances evaluated on the necessary criteria will be selected for prizes.
  3. The videos that are shared and liked the most will have an edge in the competition.
  4. The final judgement will be of Baudhkaro CC, without bias and solely on the fulfilment of the above mentioned criteria.
  5. The declaration of the prizes will be done along with the names of family members of the winners.


a) The First Prize of the competition is ₹10,000.
b) The Second Prize of the competition is ₹7,000.
c) The Third Prize of the competition is ₹5,000.
d) There are also two consolation prizes of ₹2,000 each.

The winners will be announced during the Live Performance of Samata Rath 2021.

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