बौधकारोचे बारा प्रश्न

बौधकारोचे बारा प्रश्न- आंबेडकरी मित्रांसाठी काही महत्वपूर्ण वाद-प्रतिवादाचे विषय १. बुद्ध केवळ वाद आणि कॉंट्रोव्हर्सी निर्माण करायला निवडलेला विषय (कि) वयक्तिक आणि सामूहिक जीवनाचे मार्गदर्शन करायला निवडलेला तथागत? २. बुद्ध…


Babasaheb’s Word Deceitfully Tampered to Create Confusion- An expository clarification by Baudhkaro

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, as the greatest human liberator of the modern times, discovered a way to emancipate the masses and reconstruct the world. He too, gave importance to the method of achieving emancipation and the core philosophy of his method can be said to be Dhamma, as taught by the Buddha. However, witnessing the confusions emerging in these modern times, he was skeptical of people getting wooed by the philosophy of Karl Marx. So in order to  ensure that he addressed these confusions, he not only made clear intellectual comparisons between the philosophies of the Buddha and Karl Marx, but also took a firm position by accepting Buddha’s Dhamma as the saviour of the humanity. His act of Dhamma-Deeksha is the practical fruition of these very ideas. 


Baudhkāro’s Ambedkar Jayanti 2022

At this time, on a global, national or even individual level, there is an intensity in the manifestation of suffering and injustice. It is not enough to understand that we are suffering but necessary to address it and end it by righteous ways of emancipation. The world, as much as any individual, needs Ambedkarite ideas and methods for its reconstruction. And this can only be possible if the Ambedkarites are conscious of its principles.


Jai Bhim- an Ambedkarite Response to Kaala

The real protagonist is Sengeni who spearheads the politics of the title by her relentless struggle and refusal to bow to threats and bribes, portrayed brilliantly in her meeting with the DGP. It is emblematic of the force that conviction in justice can have. The portrayal of power in this movie is successful because it shows how the system can be incredibly strong when layered with the undercurrents of belief and faith. This is almost a slap on the face of those anarchists who believe in the system as being inherently flawed or unjust.


समता रथ 2021- शैक्षिक फैंसी-ड्रेस प्रतियोगिता की घोषणा!

बाबासाहेब द्वारा शुरू किए गए शिक्षा, संगठन और आंदोलन के कारवां को आगे बढ़ाने के हमारे प्रयास में, हम रचनात्मक रूप से 65वां धम्मचक्क पवत्तन (परिवर्तन) दिवस मना रहे हैं।


समता रथ २०२१- शैक्षणिक फॅन्सी ड्रेस स्पर्धा

बाबासाहेबांनी मांडलेल्या शिक्षण, संघटना आणि संघर्षाचा काफिला पुढे नेण्याच्या आमच्या प्रयत्नात, आम्ही 65 वा धम्मचक्का पवन दिवस कल्पकतेने साजरा करत आहोत.


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